Our Procurement

EFAP's pledge to its customers is to deliver the complete portfolio of produce within a 48 hour timeframe.  By committing to our pledge, we sort problems concealed from our customers like shortages due to weather or spikes in demand, poor quality of the crops, and recalls on a daily basis.  Our customers just have to place their order and can expect to be fulfilled and delivered by the next morning.

To be able to meet our customer's expectations, EFAP is deeply engrained in a purchasing network.  EFAP sources its produce from Wholesalers and Importers.  Some are the commercial arm of a particular farm or group of farms, and some are multilateral wholesalers who consolidate as much variety as they can from wherever in the world the crop is available.  Not a single wholesaler will have available the totality of the portfolio of items in a daily basis. This is why EFAP is connected to numerous sources.

While the majority of the items will be available instantly, less common items require additional shipping time and only will be available within a couple of days.  However, this will not come to a surprise to a chef or a purchasing manager.

EFAP also works directly with local farms to ensure having local produce in its roster.  Local and Organic produce, while limited and sporadic, are products that EFAP delivers.

 Quality control is the backbone of our operation.  We have in place a three-point quality assurance inspection to ensure the delivery of the best possible produce each day.  In addition, all our managers are certified food safety managers by the State of Florida and we have in place a HACCP Plan to ensure food safety in our operations.
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